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Maledicum Magae - Ch. 16 Sneak Peek

Edward pushed through the back entrance of the hospital ER doors, the body of his beloved as light as a feather in his arms. Her head lulled against the curve of his shoulder. Her arms hung limply – one dangling against his back, the other draped over the hand that held her upper body.

Though blood stained her skin and clothes, the organ that pumped the vital fluid through her vessels hardly made a beat within her chest.

His eyes were midnight black, a storm that brewed with the ever-growing desperation of a man in need and on the brink of loosing all hope.

Nurses and orderlies stumbled in their strides, their charts forgotten, their gurneys halted. One nurse, startled at the display, dropped a sample of urine to the floor. The bright cadmium liquid spread across the linoleum around her shoes.

“Help me,” Edward gasped, his body feeling heavier with her weight every moment he heard her heart slipping away from this world.

And they all stood there. They all stared. The neurons in their brains could not function fast enough to overlook the monstrous appearance of this man before them and help the wounded woman in his arms. Their thoughts penetrated his mind, exploding around him like an erupting minefield.

Livid, the growl that rumbled through his chest was nearly deafening.



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